Basis and Rules of Drafting

This project is aimed at professionals with clinical experience in the management of lesions caused by the human papillomavirus.

The objective of this contest is the collection of clinical cases that arise during clinical practice and that are of scientific interest.


  • Inclusion: patients with human papillomavirus infection, patients with cervical epithelial alterations, genital warts or condylomas and/or who have undergone conization; patients with vaginal, vulvar, oropharyngeal and anal lesions; patients who in the situations mentioned above have required treatment with PAPILOCARE®*; any situation not mentioned but which has required treatment with PAPILOCARE®*.
  • Exclusion: cases that do not comply with the project guidelines and writing standards; cases that are under simultaneous consideration in another project or by another publication, and open cases without a final diagnosis.

*Papilocare Vaginal Gel, External Genital Gel and/or Immunocaps


  • Writing and collection of clinical cases through the platform.
  • Review and evaluation of clinical cases by an independent scientific committe of six experts in Lower Genital Tract Pathology (LGTP) according to their medical value.
  • Selection of the most interesting cases for subsequent dissemination, with the aim of sharing
    clinical experience and generating debate.


  1. Clinical case title.
  2. Author and hospital.
  3. Introduction and keywords.
  4. Medical history and anamnesis.
  5. Physical examination and differential diagnosis.
  6. Treatment and evolution.
  7. Final diagnosis.
  8. Discussion and description of the importance of the case.
  9. Recommended bibliography.
  10. Iconographic elements (tables and/or figures) must be original. Figures must be of high quality (minimum 300 pixels/inch) and adequately drawn and/or photographed.


A winner will be chosen from the selected cases, who will be distinguished with the Eduardo Vilaplana Award, in memory of the recently deceased pioneer in cytology and LGTP. The winner of the program will have the opportunity to attend and present their case at a top level international congress in the area of Cervical Pathology.